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Welcome to Root Work Foundation

Root Work Foundation (RWF) is the organization of dedicated and motivated individuals who are striving hard to achieve its mission. It was established in year 2002 as a non-government organization (NGO) and it works for the development and empowerment of the most vulnerable and marginalized groups of women, children and youth. RWF is currently working in Sindh Province of Pakistan. It has successfully implemented about 43 projects in Sindh and Balochistan province since its inception. RWF is supporting its target groups in the areas of education, gender, livelihood, capacity building, health, emergency response, water & sanitation and physical infrastructure development.

Promoting Education

Education is one of the major theme program focused by Root Work Foundation. RWF started this program in year 2003 when partnership with UNICEF was established to motivate youth getting education. Later on, partnership with National Commission for Human Development (NCHD) was established to promote primary school enrollment in two districts of Balochistan province i.e. Jaffarabad and Pishin.

Responding Disasters

Responding disaster is one of the key thematic areas of Root Work Foundation. As part of its ‘DRR and Emergency Response’; Root Work Foundation actively engages in responding disasters/emergencies wherever and whenever possible. The organization works in partnerships with local communities and national and international donor agencies to respond disasters/emergencies.

Supporting Livelihood

Natural disasters like floods badly affect the overall livelihood sources. People usually loose most of their assets in emergencies like floods and they are further forced to the situation where livelihood opportunities are hardly found. Agriculture and livestock is usually the major source of livelihood of majority of people living is rural areas which are also badly affected by floods.



Houses Built To Address Shelter Needs.
To address housing needs of the flood affected people, Root Work Foundation built 1,360 one-room shelters in Sindh and Balochistan provinces. 960 one-room shelters were built for flood affected people of 49 villages of 5 union councils of Thatta and Dadu districts of Sindh province during 2010-11.
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Hand Pumps Installed To Address Drinking Water Needs
Floods damage drinking water infrastructure and cause depletion of other water resources as a result the supply of drinking water becomes critical for the affected people during disaster.
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Hygiene Sessions Conducted For Hygiene Promotion
Imparting hygiene awareness becomes critical to maintain health and hygiene during emergencies that affect health safety systems of the people.
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  • Accountability & Transparency
  • Participation & Inclusion
  • Non-Discrimination & Non-Violence
  • Equity & Respect
  • Peace & Tolerance
  • Sharing & Openness

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