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Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability & Learning (MEAL) Department:

Department Team:

The MEAL Department is headed by "MEAL Manager" . The MEAL Manager reports to Executive Director. The MEAL Manager is further supported by MEAL Officers and Quality and Accountability Officers based at various project locations and Head Office.

The number of staff in MEAL Department varies at various periods depending on the number of projects and the departmental workloads.

Department Functions:

The MEAL Department generally performs the following key functions:

  • Regular monitoring of projects
  • Developing project updates
  • Ensure project compliance with log frame
  • Developing project monitoring reports
  • Developing case studies
  • Evaluate project learning
  • Support to develop quality project proposals
  • Review and analyze project reports
  • Participate in program reviews
  • Manage Complaint & Feedback Unit
  • Handle complaints
  • Maintain complaints status for RWF Website
  • Other relevant tasks
Complaint & Feedback Unit:

Complaint & Feedback Unit (CFU) is a crucial unit of MEAL Department which deals with complaints and feedback received from beneficiaries and other stakeholders. This unit is managed by a MEAL Officer who reports directly to Executive Director and is supported / supervised by MEAL Manager.

CFU is a great tool for RWF to bring more accountability and transparency in its overall work. CFU is managed under a detailed policy framework and maintains full record of complaint handling.

CFU manages all the complaints through “SHAFAF” an online software. SHAFAF (shafaf.pk) is a highly innovative complaint and feedback management system which helps RWF in systematically handling complaints while at the same time ensuring high level of accountability and transparency.

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