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Human Resource Department

Department Team:

The Human Resource Department is headed by "Manager Human Resources" who is further supported by "HR Officer".
The number of staff in Human Resource Department varies at various periods, depending on the number of projects and the departmental workloads.
Department Functions:
The RWF's Human Resource Department mainly performs the following functions:
  • Carrying out process of recruitment
  • Executing hiring procedure
  • Facilitating orientation of new hires
  • Development of HR related policies
  • Policy interpretation
  • Ensuring smooth implementation of HR policies
  • Issuing memorandums
  • Processing payrolls
  • Facilitating staff performance appraisal processes
  • Maintaining all types of staff records as per policy & standards
  • Maintaining Staff Monthly Leave Balance
  • Employee Welfare and Motivation
  • Handing Employees' Grievances
  • Handling sexual harassment cases
  • Maintaining office discipline
  • Dismissal and Redundancy
Departmental Policies & SOPs:
The Human Resource Department is supported by and managed under following policies:
  • Employment Policy
  • Working Conditions & Schedule Policy
  • Leave Policy
  • Sexual Harassment Policy
  • Staff Grievance Policy
  • Employees' Training Policy
  • Performance Appraisal Policy
  • Internship & Volunteers Policy
  • Anti-Fraud Policy
  • Employees Travel Policy
  • IT & Computer Policy
  • Vehicle Policy
  • Assets Policy
Departmental Forms & Formats:
The Human Resource Department uses following record / forms & formats to ensure proper record keeping, transparency and accountability in its various interventions:
Recruitment Forms & Formats
  • Staff Requisition Form
  • Job Specifications & Terms of References
  • Job Announcement Form
  • List- I (Overall Applicants)
  • List-II (Short Listed Applicants)
  • List-III (Interviewed Applicants)
  • List-IV (Selected Applicants)
  • Interview Assessment Sheets
  • Job Application Form
  • Staff Clearance/NOC
Personnel File Documents / Forms
  • Job Offer Letter
  • Job Acceptance letter
  • Employment Contract Letter
  • Joining Report
  • Job Description
  • Undertaking-I
(Handling/Dealing with Office Cash)
  • Undertaking-II
(Concerning Fraud/Corruption)
  • Undertaking-III
(Employee Exit Procedures)
  • Undertaking-IV
(Staff Code of Conduct)
  • Disclosure Form-I
(Family Members/Relatives')
  • Disclosure Form-II
(Employee Membership & Associations)
  • Employees Personal Information
  • Next of Kin Information Form
  • Record Sheet for Staff Signature, Initial and Thumb Impression
  • Bank Account Details Form
  • Employment Record Sheet
  • Note to Finance
  • Employee Capacity Building Sheet
Leave Forms
  • Leave Application Form- Full Day
  • Leave Application Form- Half Day
  • Monthly Leave Balance Record
Exit Procedure Forms
  • Letter of Resignation/ Contract closure or Termination
  • Exit Interview Form
  • Employee Exit Note
  • Financial Disclaimer Form
Departmental Clearance Forms
  • Line Manager
  • Finance Department
  • Admin & Logistics Department
  • HR Department
Intern & Volunteer Forms
  • Internship Application Form
  • Internship Agreement Letter
  • Internship Joining Report
  • Intern's Exit Interview
  • Volunteer Application Form
  • Volunteer Agreement Letter
  • Volunteer Joining Report