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Finance Department

The finance department is critical for any organization because it lays down procedures to ensure that the organization's resources (both financial and material) are put to their proper use and extending its support to manage funds and payments of various projects at field level and at HO level.
Department Structure:
The RWF finance Department is headed by "Manager Finance" who is supported by different finance officers and assistants based at field level and HO level. The Manager Finance reports to Executive Director.
The RWF finance department mainly performs following functions:
  1. Ensure effective management of overall resources (funds received\generated by RWF)
  2. Assisting Management in identification of donors and in funds mobilization
  3. Prepare annual budgets in consultation with Management
  4. Assisting the ED in meetings with Board of Directors (BoD) , National/international funding agencies, government functionaries at different forums and levels
  5. Prepare financial reports & accounts for Management
  6. Lays down accounting & financial procedures for organization
  7. To Maintain and kept all financial record of organization
  8. Coordinate & assist other departments regarding finance related matters & polices
  9. Assist admin department in Procurement / Tendering
  10. Ensure effective compliance to finance related and other organizational polices
  11. Ensure accurate & timely payments to vendors/Contractors /Staff Salaries
  12. Maintain and manage organizational bank accounts and reconcile all accounts regularly
  13. Ensure Compliance with all the legal, tax, corporate & other statutory matters
  14. Prepare budgets for projects and departments with consultation of Program department
  15. Monitor and control expenditures & suggest different measures on the basis of variance analysis
  16. Conduct annual audit and perform as coordinator between auditors and departments
  17. Ensure timely submission of financial reports to Donors and other stakeholders
  18. Other relevant business
Departmental Policies & SOPs:
The Finance Department is supported by and managed under following policies:
  1. Cash Management Policy
  2. Bank Accounts and Banking Transaction Policy
  3. Petty Cash Policy
  4. Advances, Securities and prepayments
  5. Administrative Expenses & Procurement Policy
  6. Accounting for Grants Policy
  7. Budgeting & Budgetary Control Policy
  8. Asset Policy
  9. Financial & Internal Control Policy
Financial Forms & Formats:
The Finance Department uses following forms and formats to ensure proper record keeping, transparency and accountability in its various interventions:

  • Bank Payment Voucher
(BPV) Software Generated Numbered
  • Cash Payment Voucher
(CPV) Software Generated Numbered
  • Bank Receipt Voucher
(BRV) Software Generated Numbered
  • Cash Receipt Voucher
(CRV) Software Generated Numbered
  • Journal Voucher
(JV) Software Generated Numbered
  • Supply Request From
(SRF) Pre-Numbered & Pre-Printed
  • Payment Request Form
(PR) Pre-Numbered & Pre-Printed
  • Payment Acknowledgement Form
(PAF) Pre-Numbered & Pre-Printed
  • Comparative Statement
  • Purchase order Form
(PO) Pre-Numbered & Pre-Printed
  • Goods Received Note
(GRN) Pre-Numbered & Pre-Printed
  • Goods Delivery Note
(GDN) Pre-Numbered & Pre-Printed
  • Bank Reconciliation Statement
  • Petty Cash Reimbursement Form
(PCR) Pre- printed
  • Project Operating Advance Form
(POAF) Pre-Numbered & Pre-Printed
  • Float/Travel Request Form    
  • Petty Cash Payment Receipt 
  • Advance Clearance Form
(ACF) Pre-printed
  • Payment Acknowledgement Form
(PAF) Pre-Numbered & Pre-Printed
  • Expense Detail Sheet
(ADS) Pre-Printed
  • Cash Count Form
(CCF) Pre-Numbered & Pre-Printed
External Auditors:
The External auditor of Root Work Foundation is Anjum Asim Shahid Rehman (AASR) a leading firm of Chartered Accountants and Management Consultants in Pakistan (member firm of Grant Thornton International) since July 1st 2010 to till date.