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Systems and Program Administration (SPA) Department:

Department Team:

The SPA Department is headed by “Manager Systems and Program Administration”.
The Manager SPA reports to Executive Director. The team includes the Admin Officers & Admin Assistants who are based at both Field Offices and at Head Office.
The number of staff in SPA Department varies at various periods depending on the number of projects and the departmental workloads.

Department Functions:
The general functions of SPA Department are mainly following:
  • Propose and develop systems and procedures
  • Ensure the implementation of various policies and procedures
  • Conduct internal program audits
  • Conduct internal financial reviews of various projects
  • Support finance dept. and management in effective management of grants
  • Ensure effectiveness of admin functions
The Administration related functions of SPA Department are mainly following:
  • Procurement of supplies / goods
  • Vehicle & POL management and control
  • Inventory / asset management
  • Dealing with vendors / suppliers / contractors
  • Management of office buildings / premises
  • Security management
  • Staff travel management
  • Petty cash Management
  • Event management
  • Other relevant business
Administration Related Policies & SOPs:

The SPA Department is supported by and managed under following key admin policies:

  • Procurement Policy
  • Vehicle Policy
  • Asset Policy
  • Anti Fraud Policy
  • Staff Travel Policy
  • IT Policy

Departmental Forms & Formats:

The SPA Department uses following admin forms and formats to ensure proper record keeping, transparency and accountability in its various interventions:

  • Supplies Request
(SR) Pre-Numbered & Pre-Printed
  • Purchase Order
(PO) Pre-Numbered & Pre-Printed
  • Goods Received Note
(GRN) Pre-Numbered & Pre-Printed
  • Goods Delivery Note
(GDN) Pre-Numbered & Pre-Printed
  • Goods Release Request
(GRR) Pre-Numbered & Pre-Printed
  • Stock Card
(SC) Pre-Printed
  • Vehicle Requisition
  • Vehicle Repair & Maintenance