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About RWF

The People
Root Work Foundation (RWF) is the outcome of genuine efforts and commitments of a group of volunteers / individuals who joined hands to contribute their time, skills and strengths to effectively address the poverty-linked issues of the people in Pakistan and work with them to bring them into mainstream development.
The Foundation was established by these volunteers in year 2002 who strived hard as volunteers to create opportunities and spaces for marginalized and less developed groups of the society.
Type of Organization
Root Work Foundation is a civil society and not for-Profit organization which is striving for the development and empowerment of less developed and marginalized groups of society.RWF is a human-centered organization with multiple focus programs to address the poverty linked issues of disadvantaged groups. It is striving to create opportunities and spaces for main-streaming less developed communities so that they effectively participate in the development processes and utilize their potentials to the fullest for their development and empowerment.
”Fairer, democratic, accountable and just society in Pakistan”
”Development and empowerment of socio-economically disadvantaged and marginalized people and promotion of basic human rights for all”
Focus Groups
RWF works for the following people:
  • Poor and less developed / marginalized communities
  • Women and children affected by violence and abuse
  • Socio-culturally vulnerable peopleĀ (women, youth, children)
  • Minority groups facing discrimination and ignorance
  • People affected by natural and man-made disasters
Values & Guiding Principles
  • Accountability & Transparency
  • Participation & Inclusion
  • Non-Discrimination & Non-Violence
  • Equity & Respect
  • Peace & Tolerance
  • Sharing & Openness